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Channel 26 WGNO News Story on Prince’s Foundation New Orleans Summer Program

Anne Cutler, news reporter for WGNO and author of the Hammer and Heels Blog came by and shot a story on the Prince of Wales Building Skills Summer Program, with an appearance by yours truly.   Check it out: Prince’s Foundation News Story


You can also see Anne’s blog post on the program here!


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Making a bracket

I had to make some copies of existing brackets that were damaged on a historic home in the Irish Chanel in New Orleans. I made them out of spanish cedar to resist moisture and cut them out on a scroll saw.




The black stripes help me remember what is to be cut out.


scroll saws are perfect for bracket work because, unlike a band saw, you can detach the blade and thread it thru a hole to make isolated cuts in the center of a block.



once you have a good drawing to work from, all you need is transfer paper to copy the design onto wood.


The cutoffs all look like sea serpents to me.

I made three. Important that they all match!

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Colorful transom



I have to replicate this transom window for a house I’m working on, and man does it have some colorful paint on it! I count five different colors on this window, convering most points on the color wheel.

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The Prince’s Men Have Arrived

Day 1 of the Prince of Wales Building Crafts Apprenticeship Program for the Built Environment trip to London.  Mouthful, eh? 18 students from New Orleans arrived today in London for a 9 day tour of the UK.  We’ve spent the last 5 months working our particular trades: Millwork, Rough Carpentry, Plaster, Masonry,and Ironwork, awaiting the moment we would come to England and graduate.  Many of the apprentices have never been out of the country before, and a few never out of Louisiana and quite a few who have never flown.  Needless to say, there was quite a bit of excitement as we shuffled our way through airports in New Orleans, Houston and London.  One guy didn’t show at all in New Orleans, but managed to catch up with us in Houston at the last minute, while two others actually left the airport to grab a smoke and barely made it back in time for the London flight.  Another apprentice only brought 2 carry-ons while others looked like they were packing for a permanent move. We caused quite a stir everywhere we went, and I was asked five times by curious flight attendants ans passengers who we were, one person even venturing to guess that we must be a dance troupe.  The flight to Heathrow was half empty, though sleep was still hard to wrestle, and we were greeted by Edith and Fran from the Foundation who helped us negotiate the tube and get to our hostels.  People have spent their first day in London in different ways, a few went out and rented scooters while others hunted cuban cigars.  I opted for a nap, knowing how hard the jet lag can hit.  Now, as I finish up dinner, I’m ready for a pint and will see if anyone else has the stamina to join.  Tomorrow our lectures and tours begin at 9 sharp, and the adventure in England will continue.

the boys are restless.

Ben is good to go

Vito on the go

Ferrell looking out.

over london.

Queen Bling.

edith, out handler

on our way to the hostel.


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