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Clayton House Marketplace

While the rest of the gulf south frantically filled up their gas tanks and bought emergency supplies, i moved a bunch of my furniture and lighting designs into a new shop in Covington, Louisiana called Clayton House Marketplace.  It wasn’t until the owner of the shop said something about a mandatory evacuation in Grand Isle that I realized that something was going down and that Isaac was heading our way.  So, when you get back from wherever it is you take your hurrication, stop by the Clayton House at 1600 Collins Blvd in Covington to peruse the myriad of furniture, crafts, and interior decor from many different vendors.  Their phone number is 985-892-6368 and they are open M-F, 9-4.



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Lecture and Opening at Lusher High at 2.30 on Friday Sept 23, 2011

If you are in the Uptown area tomorrow September 23rd, and you fancy hearing a lecture on mixed-media art and the merits of anti-specialization, stop by Lusher High: 5624 Freret St at Joseph St. @ 2.30pm.  I’ll do a power point presentation for 45 minutes in room 307 on the varied history and themes of my work, and then on to the gallery reception on the 4th floor where i’ve got some illuminated pieces on display.  It’ll be electric! (dumb pun intended).

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More Trees.

Three more I finished editing.  This brings the series to 19 images, and that is it until I go shooting again, I have to focus on building lamps now, i’m way overdue to make some.  I’m going to try and contact the “friends of city park” and see what they think about doing a show of these images.  Long shot but we’ll see.  more tree images on my website,

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