New Additions to Trees of City Park Series

Finished editing a few more of the “Trees of City Park” series i’ve been shooting, bringing the total up to 16.  With city park being as big as it is, this series could be endless.  However, as it gets warmer, I find it increasingly more difficult to get shots I like.  Basically, trees seem to be more interesting when it is cold and they have less leaves because you can see their limbs more.  Check out this example of a tree i shot a month ago, which i wasn’t totally satisfied with at the time, and then the re-shoot from this week:

Though still a cool tree, you begin to lose some of the wildness that comes from the crooked limbs in the center and the ones stretching out to the sky.  I ended up using the first image after all, seems to have more character.  Here are the three others:

if you’re interested in seeing more from this series, go to

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