The Road to Lincoln, Day 5 in the UK

Our journey continued on northward today toward the town of Lincoln in Lincolnshire, where we will be taking a stained-glass making workshop and a stone-cutting workshop.  We had a private bus to drive us the 4 hours, and most apprentices used the opportunity to catch up on any lost sleep.  On our way, we stopped at Fountain’s Abbey in North Yorkshire which is a World Heritage site.  The grounds house a series of water gardens and idillic lodges and buildings, but we were there to see Britian’s largest monastic ruin, founded in 1132 by Cistercian monks.  Located on the river Skell, the abbey is a massive ruined stone structure that has saying “whoa” as you walk down the hill to the valley where it sits.  Out guide, Henry, has been a stone mason for his whole life, most of it spent working on the abbey.  Our tour was rushed, but Herny did a fantastic job of showing the bits of the abbey that builders like us appreciated.  One of the points about the cathedral he hammered home was that you don’t have to be a genius craftsman to build a structure as impressive as the abbey.  He said it was originally built by uneducated workers when there were no architects by putting one stone on top of the other and learning how to work the stone as you go.  The abbey was a good thing to see before we took our stone-carving workshop tomorrow in Lincoln, in which we’d test Henry’s supposition that “it isn’t as hard as it looks.”

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  1. M. Caroline Garland

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience

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