Day 2 in London

Today we woke and had our breakfast at the hostel, which was surprisingly good.  The ten of us in our group hopped on the tube, which is quite an adventure at rush hour.  The pushing and cramming on the central line left a few of the guys saying they would never again complain about car insurance payments.  I told them about the tokyo subway and how they have officials on the platforms whose only job is to physically push people into the train so that the doors can close, packed like sardines.  We made it to The Prince’s Foundation a little late, due to a closure of the tube station we were supposed to stop at.  When we arrived, Noel Isherwood gave us a brief lecture on Poundbury, a town on the outskirts of Dorchester that has been designed and built using urban planning techniques that are decidely anit-suburban.  The idea is to go back to the old model of a small city in which all major necessities can be reached by a maximum fifteen minute walk.  The building practices used all sustainable construction, meaning the buildings are built with stone and brick and other materials, which will actually last for centuries, rather than for just decades.  It was interesting to see such a grand-idealed project that has actually been brought to fruition.  More info on Poundbury can be seen here.  We did a lot of walking today, and I have a feeling we’ll do a lot more tomorrow when we go to Oxford.  When we got back to London, a few of us did treat ourselves to a nice meal of Indian food on Brick Lane near my old neighborhood in East London, the stomping ground of Jack the Ripper.  Seeing all the “Jack” tours reminded me of the Ghost Tours of the French Quarter.  Boo.

Noel Isherwood

round the corner for the Prince's Foundation

Malcolm at Waterloo

Scotty sleeps.

the price of the night before.


Noel in Poundbury


and we're walking...

poundbury lane

the group in Poundbury, with some rogue puppies

Poundbury roofs

Dinner at Standard Balti on Brick Lane

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One response to “Day 2 in London

  1. John

    Poundbury sounds like a great place – just what the world needs. Just leave it to the Duchy of Cornwall to think of everything.
    But they do need to update their website. It still says things like “Phase 2, covering 13.5 hectares, is due for completion by December 2006.” I wonder how phase 2 is going.

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